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Women preparing to give birth in the next few months are facing uncertain and challenging times.  Many women are feeling anxious about how they will be supported during labour and immediately in the postnatal period.  The situation is changing daily and more and more restrictions are being put in place. Now, more than ever before, the support of an experienced Doula can help women feel at ease and empowered during their birthing journey.

Virtual Doula Support

Doulas, who have traditionally supported women and their partners in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period are, for now, unable to attend births in person, but can still be a fantastic support. The virtual support of someone who is there for you and only you, be it on the phone, by video link or even in person at your home keeping a social distance has never been more important. Having this type of support helps women to access the hormones they need for labour to progress well and increases their confidence in their bodies ability to have a more positive birth.

Knowledge available 24/7

In pregnancy, Doula support can all be done via phone and video chat.  Providing information and education to the couple is paramount, particularly when there’s so much uncertainty surrounding us at the moment.  This information can directly help a woman to feel more confident and more in tune with her body.  This confidence will enhance her pregnancy and help her and her partner to feel up to the challenges they face rather than feel overwhelmed or defeated by them. Knowing that there is a knowledgeable supportive professional available 24/7 increases confidence and empowers the couple. 

Feel Safe, Uninhibited & Relaxed

Over the years as a doula, I feel that the biggest gift a labouring woman can be given is reassurance that all is well and that she is doing a great job.  Women in Labour need to feel safe, uninhibited and relaxed. Repeating affirmations, giving support via video that all is safe and well is invaluable. During Labour, the Doula can guide the partner to encourage posture changes, mobility, and movement.  They can demonstrate massage techniques and acupressure points to the partner. Doulas can do guided imagery and affirmations by video and encourage the woman to try different coping techniques. They can supply the couple with evidence-based information to help them make informed choices before, during and after the labour. 

Social Distancing can isolate new families

In the postnatal period, Doulas can help with information and guidance to the couple.  They can help with feeding issues and newborn care by way of information and reassurance.  For some new families, social distancing might mean that the new family is isolated from their immediate relatives in the postnatal period.  Doulas can help new parents to feel more confident and self-assured that they are capable and able to cope. They can help new parents access resources and guide them to evidence based information which empowers parents and encourages autonomy.

Complimentary advice to help reassure

There’s no doubt these are extraordinary times we are living in. Despite all of this, it is still possible to have a wonderful pregnancy, labour and post-natal experience, which of course every woman deserves. If you are feeling anxious about your pregnancy or birth please get in touch.  I am here to help in any way I can, offering complimentary advice and support to anyone who needs it during these challenging and confusing times.

My name is Bairbre and you can reach me on galwaydoula@gmail.com or 0868528479